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About the school

The school of ethnic drums ETHNOBEAT under the direction of Kadyr Saidkharun is not a school in the generally accepted sense. It's more a club of like-minded people and enthusiasts who love ethnic music and the Eastern culture. It is absolutely impossible to describe a student of The School of Kadyr Saidkharun. We are all different, but we are united by the ancient rhythms, which immerse us into a completely different atmosphere, far from the everyday life. 

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kadyr saidkharun:

People come to our school for different reasons. They might just like the eastern music, and drums are very rousing, though, they excite. Or after a day at the office they want to catch a break, to take mind off things, and to do something unusual. Psychologists say that while playing drums, when a hand is hitting the membrane, one gets rid of inner constraint and accumulated aggression. After all, the Japanese have anger rooms, where anyone can wallop their boss, whereas playing the darbuka is much better, because music is harmony, so it is always positive. You melt down in the traditional rhythms of the East and forget which century it is now. If you got interested in the lessons, but you are not sure whether you need them or not, come 3 or 4 times, a month, maybe. This time is enough to make up your mind. It is better to have explored and refused something than never to have tried at all, and regret what you have missed for the rest of your life. People have interest for learning to play the darbuka, I just see it. They come to the lessons not because they are bored, but because they really want to learn, they do their best and make progress very fact, right before my very eyes. As a teacher, I am very pleased by that. I learn together with them, too. My students perform at concerts, and in the future we are planning to create a band of professional drummers. We also would like to set up a club for those interested in drums of all kinds, not only darbuka. Any musician would be able to come to the club, to play for other people, to drink tea sitting on carpets, to smoke hookah, to plunge into the eastern atmosphere. Professionals, famous musicians would also perform there. It might come true one day, who knows!


EthnoBeat was created in 2003 in Moscow. The information about the school spread so fast, that it became known all over the country very soon. The number of those wishing to learn to play increased dramatically. The future students would come from all over Russia... 

Taking into account the interest, desires and aspirations of the people, on the initivative and with the support of Kadyr the first branch school in Irkutsk was opened. And later in other cities as well.

The uniqueness of the school is in the original technique of teaching. It is based on the eastern principle of sharing knowledge, which helps anyone to learn to play. To do so you don't need musical education or any other special training. 

2016 marks 13 years of the school. Over this period the students have started to play together with the professional artists of Russia in united music projects, to perform with their own shows on different stages of the coutry and abroad, to teach, and to open their own schools. 

So, the EthnoBeat School is not only a passion for drums, but also getting a second profession to some extent. The school gave a lot of students an opportunity to make their dreams come true. 

They work at such professional venues as the National Concert Hall of Tchaikovsky.

Our students perform together with the soloists ensemble "Madrigal" of the Moscow State Philarmonic Society under the direction of the Honored Artist of Russia Alexander Suetin. 

With the People's Artist Yuri Stoyanov in the project "Dekameron".

With the Academic Chamber Orchestra "Musica Viva" under the direction of the People's Artist of Russia Alexander Rudin.

Involved in the work at the Taganka Theater in the play "Tagansky Front" (music by Y.Shevchuk and the band "DDT", staging by V.Malenko).

The school co-operation with the central TV channels, iconic clubs, international festivals and famous producers in the entertainment business gives you the opportunity to realize your potential in music.

But the most important thing is that playing the darbuka you restore your energy, get rid of tension and fatigue. Playing drums is a good portion of joy, keeping the peace of mind, and a space for interesting people, new acquaintances and meetings!

Новая группа (начинающие) :
понедельник и четверг с 19 до 20.30

If you have any questions, please call the school administration phone number +7 926 283-03-03
or email to info@ethnobeat.ru

Beginners: Monday, 7:30 p.m., Thursday, 7:30 p.m.
Intermediate level: Tuesday, 7:30 p.m., Friday, 7:30 p.m.
Advanced group and all experienced players: Wednesday, 7:30 p.m. (optional classes)

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