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Purchasing a drum is an important matter. The instrument must be of high quality, sound right, look nice and serve long. Without any of these parameters you will have to think about a new purchase. The question is to come to your mind - where to go? Having had a bitter experience, you won't wish to buy another pig in a poke. 

In Moscow shops you can often come across instruments which are not of high quality, damaged, if not artificial at all, which can only serve as souvenirs. Those who import drums do not always know how to choose them. Nice external view of a drum does not guarantee its high quality. 

In addition to the distorted sound, the shape of the instrument might not be quite regular, so - and this is particularly important in regard to percussion - the risk to injure your hands appears. Besides, it is entirely possible that you won't be able to get the right sound, despite doing everything correctly. It's good if you suspect the instrument, not yourself, otherwise your enthusiasm may dry out quickly. 

Having developed the habit of playing the defective drum, you will be surprised to find that playing a proper one feels uncomfortable. You will have to change the hands position, unlearn the old playing methods, which is much more difficult than learning from scratch. 

To avoid problems with dubious instruments, it's much better not to deal with them. That is you should buy one where the quality is checked by professionals. 

In the EthnoBeat school you can buy good drums at an affordable price. Each instrument is thoroughly tested both before purchase and after arriving in Moscow to make sure they are safe after transportation.

Therefore, buying a drum in EthnoBeat, you are guaranteed to get an instrument that meets the highest criteria.

Play and enjoy your choice!

If you have any questions about purchasing an instrument call: +7 (926) 283-03-03.

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