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kadyr saidkharun

Kadyr Saidkharun is the founder of the school of ethnic drums in Russia EthnoBeat.

A musician, an actor, a composer-arranger. A graduate of the Tashkent Institute of Arts of M.Uygur. A laureate of international competitions. A singer-instrumentalist of the ensemble "Madrigal" of the Moscow State Philharmonic Society.

A student of Gulyamdzhan Ergash - the master and the keeper of the folklore of Turkic peoples.


The founder of the idea of creating a school of ethnic drums all over Russia and abroad. The initiator of drum competitions and festivals in the Russian Federation. The first organizer and popularizer of master classes of overseas stars of Eastern percussion in Russia.

Kadyr can also be called the founder of schools in Russia which support ancient traditions of Eastern percussion. 
Kadyr Saidkharun is a teacher with a great experience. He developed his own unique method of teaching unusual for Russian or European "ear" rhythms and timing. Traveling to different countries, he continues to study the folklore and the rhythms of the peoples directly from the natives.

2016 marks 13 years of the EthnoBeat School. During this period the school has produced a lot of wonderful musicians. Amazingly, many of them first came into contact with music as adults, without even a music school experience. 

Some of Kadyr's students who made a successful career as a musician: Alexander Ostapenko, Artyom Uzunov, Olga Zvezda, Ilya Bobrovskiy, Sergey Kuznetsov, Karina Oganesyan (Karin Bluemarine), Vardan Karimyan, Alexander Piglov, Alexey Terekhin, Alexander Vanigasuriya, Orhan Ismail, Vasiliy Polozov and many others...

To extend their music capabilities, the following famous musicians studied at the school: Roman Lomov, Artyom Kochukov, Alexander Piglov, Antonio Gramshi, Svetlana Soboleva and others.

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